Sunday, July 29, 2007

Barbara Bouncer's Ice Cube Melts in Her Drink: "Global Warming," She Cries!

I've always thought Senator Bouncer was kind of stupid. She earned her "name" by having been caught up in the House check-kiting scandal of about 8-10 years ago when she was a Congressfool. She, and several other then-Congressfools, had a slush-fund, to which they voted plenty of cash from the general fund. They wrote checks on the fund for quick cash (like an ATM, I guess). A certain several, including now-Senator Bouncer, wrote checks for cash and never covered them.

As one might expect from a Bay Area politician, she's a complete loon (moonbat, in Australian) and is so out of touch with reality that she's actually been observed bumping into things, being unsure whether they actually exist.

This weekend, according to a story in the Orange County Register, the Honorable Ms Bouncer led a bipartisan (aren't they always?) group of ten colleagues, on a flight over Kangia Ice Fjord, a 500-mile-long glacier in Greenland, considered to be the fastest moving glacier on Earth. The fact that this glacier moves (relatively) quickly southward to where it begins to melt is somehow supposed to prove not only that the Earth's climate is warming, but that American SUV's are causing it. How do we know all this by simply flying over this 500-mile-long ice rink?

The news story gives us all the answers, from the Bouncer's mouth: Reports from (government funded) scientists and Algore's movie. I wonder how many scientific reports she has actually read.....I wonder how many times she's watched Algore's hokey movie.

Rush Limbaugh says, and I agree that in many cases, the world's history begins on the day one is born. Yet, the Honorable Ms Bouncer would have to be even more stupid that I think she is, to really not know that Greenland was far warmer during the centuries of its occupation by the early Vikings than it is now, or will likely be if I drive my hot rod all around LA for the rest of my life. But, she and the other algorians will never admit this, or they'll find trained scientists to prove that those selfsame Vikings each drove around in two Hummers, one for each foot.

The story also states that the hapless Greenlanders kneel and bow before Her Worship and beg that she will make us stop.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that if the House sends him a Hunter-Gatherer Society Creation bill, they'll be sure to find time to debate it.

Since the Republicans seem not to want to do anything to endear themselves to their constituents and remember their past pro-property rights tradition (such as it was), the Hunter-Gatherer Bill might very well be passed in 2009 by a heavily algorian Congress.

All in the name of a hoax, begun on the muddy foundation of another hoax--the politically-inspired "pollution crisis."

There is no man-made global warming.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Funny post CH, well done..

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You had me chuckling immediately - awesome photoshop work!

Daphne said...

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