Saturday, November 17, 2007

Calling All Neocons! Stop Ron Paul Any Way You Can!

It's been amazing to watch, and it's been happening in leftist Republican circles for, I don't know, thirty years. Maybe more. Leftist Republicans, currently called Neocons and previously called Country Club Republicans, are actually working to thwart the efforts of free market, limited government Republicans.

Nothing new here: the Rockefeller types battled against Goldwater back in the 1660's, handing Washington to the Democrats for 25 years--with Nixon (a really nasty leftist type) and Reagan (better, but weak in certain areas, and GHW Bush, a true Neocon) as the main exceptions. Leftist Republicans fought against Reagan, but lost.

Here in the Stalag, an incumbent, very leftist tax-and-spender, Governor Pete Wilson was opposed in the Primary by the free market Republican Ron Unz. The state party backed Wilson, which put me out of the Republican Party for many years. Unz almost won anyway. Then Wilson faced a Democrat whom anyone could've beaten--even I. Kathleen Brown was unelectable and everyone knew it. For California Republicans to endorse Wilson for reelection was an explicit rejection of free market, limited government politics.

I'm sure this sort of thing happened dozens, if not hundreds of times around the country since the end of WWII.

Now, we come to the 2008 Presidential Primaries. We have eight contenders still in the race, seven of whom are either leftists of various stripes or who haven't yet made all their positions clear--and one free market, limited government candidate, Dr Ron Paul.

Most of the Republican pundits, favor any of the seven leftist/neocon candidates and save more venom for Dr Paul that even for most of the Democrat candidates. Read an entry by Radley Balko in his blog The Agitator about what Republican columnist/pundit Mona Charen has to say about Dr. Paul.

Observe that whenever talk show superstar Sean Hannity does post-debate analysis of a Fox News Presidential debate, and when Ron Paul is winning their own telephone poll, Hannity always snidely dismisses it as, "the Ron Paul telephone campaign," or some such. Hannity rarely even mentions Paul during his radio show, during which he's always talking to or about one or more of the other candidates (usually the goose stepping, anti-self defense, philandering, Rudy Giuliani).

Michael Medved, to whom author L Neil Smith used to refer as "conservative light," goes off like Mount St Helens at every caller's mention of Dr Paul's name.

Rush Limbaugh
, while usually fair and occasionally complementary of Dr Paul, is clearly not on his side, preferring the more warlike candidates (which he must realize is an endorsement of federal empire building and rampant federal meddling in the affairs of other countries.

America's military is, by mandate of the Constitution, defensive by its nature.

As for me, I've all but decided not to vote. Call it withholding the sanction of the victim. I'm tired of placing myself among the numbers that, by implication, approve of the actions of this (and last) century's federal government and the virtual impossibility of bringing it back to the required limits of its Constitutional mandates.

The exception? Dr Ron Paul. In my view, he's not perfect, but none of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat, are balls tall to the doctor, and he's close enough to deserve a chance. If he wins, ok. If he doesn't, none of the others is worth the effort or the gasoline to drive to the polling place.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


It's so very obvious that the evil FBI raid 'pon the premises of Liberty Dollar, to steal around 60,000 Ron Paul coins, was a bought-and-paid-for hit by neocons, in the person of George W Bush. The reason? It's hoped that some of the bad press will rub off on Dr Paul's campaign. He's doing too well.

Note that dozens of private companies have been minting and printing coins and notes for decades, many of which could more likely be considered a parallel money than the Liberty Dollar. Disney Dollars, for example. Casino gaming chips, for another. They fit the criteria for fiat money to a T.

Why single out the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar? Now you know.

At least, the silver, gold and platinum Liberty coins have some intrinsic value, as containing a known amount of precious metal. The value of the paper crap put out by the Fed is currently sinking toward its actual value.


The Wine Commonsewer said...

Vote Ron Paul. Cool thing is that in Californicate we have an open primary so we libertarians don't even have to re-register to vote for Ron Paul.

"Ron Paul has got to stop infecting me with his horrible, horrible optimism."--Warty

Aurora said...

I think the reason why Ron Paul is generating this kind of fury is twofold, one is his opposition to the war and the second is that people see him as a kind of a 'truther'. I think his fiscal policies are excellent. But you're absolutely right; Conservatives can't stand the man.

Col. Hogan said...

You're right, Aurora. Most conservatives in office not only can't stand Ron Paul, but can't stand the notion of a free America.