Sunday, November 18, 2007

Warrant? Warrant!? We Don't Need No Steenking Warrant!!

In the wake of all the federal search and seizure violations, caused by the President's blatant disregard of his Oath of Office, a news story in the Boston Globe informs us that Boston's finest, no strangers to violations of the Bill of Rights themselves, want to have permission to enter and search local residences for guns without a warrant!

The fascist-inspired Homeland Security Act has set up an alphabet soup of Gestapo-styled agencies, unConstitutional every one, designed to examine every bit of information transferred by any medium, and to regulate any travel and most trade transactions, on the pretext of protecting us from a gaggle of primitive savages who live ten thousand miles away and would have no means of travel faster than camelback, but for the federal government's own meddling.

So now, the Boston police are taking another step on the way to totalitarianism.

They aren't supposed to be looking for guns. They're supposed to be looking for criminals!

The reason for a search warrant is contained in the 4th Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
The 4th Amendment is very explicit, and allows for no exceptions, other than the unfortunate use of the word unreasonable, which would've been better left out. It's up to the judge to decide whether the search is reasonable.

As if to belie any reasonable rationale for the searches, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis says that the police won't be targeting the homes of known or suspected criminals, but will "focus on juveniles 17 and younger...." Juveniles who are not suspected of any crime?

Now, there likely won't be very much misuse of this program at first, but the fact of being able to search homes without a warrant is a small step leading very quickly to the proverbial slippery slope. And, that first step is unConstitutional.

At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, do I have to remind everyone that America's socialists have been trying, in every way possible and some not possible, to put an end to every American's ability to defend himself for over a century? I shouldn't.

This program isn't aimed at a gaggle of Boston juvenile delinquents. It's aimed at us all.

People shouldn't be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Mike said...

Col, meeting up with Kos in Palm Springs Saturday after Turkey Day. Interested?

MK said...

That's alarming CH, truly alarming, i noticed today that some court in Washington DC is going to rule on a very important case about the right to bear arms. Bit tied up with the elections out here, but i got an eye on it, i noticed business owners are allowed to keep guns there, i guess the ordinary worker doesn't have anything worth stealing in their home or worth protecting.

As you said they've been trying for over a century and they'll be trying for the next one too. Hopefully the ordinary citizen gets to keep a gun.

Aurora said...

All I can say is 'et tu, America?'
The U.S. is the last bastion of sanity in a lot of different areas. I think there will be a lot of gun owners who won't take this well.

Col. Hogan said...


Actually, the Supremes will be making a very important decision. It's the difference between whether the 2nd Amendment means that a state-organized militia has the right to keep & bear arms, or whether individuals have that right.

The answer is clear: the Founders, in many communications, made it clear that every able bodied man was part of the militia, and thus each man has the right to keep and bear arms.

If the Supremes vote the other way, it'll be agenda driven and in opposition to the opinion of all the Founders, as their writings make clear.

Col. Hogan said...


You're right. if this goes the wrong way, there'll be millions of angry people here.