Friday, December 14, 2007

Stalag California In Fiscal Deep Scheiße, Says The Gubernator

Well, Duh!

In a story on the Bay area's NBC11 tv station's website, the Stalag will be over $14 billion in the 'rears by the end of the year. The story further observes that the Gubernator is going to announce the crisis in a few weeks.

I've yet to figure out why dopey politicians, in recent years, seem to have adopted the habit of announcing that they are going to announce (whatever).

State spending has increased by more than 40 percent since Schwarzenegger took office after the 2003 recall of then-Gov. Gray Davis. This after running on the platform of fixing state government, holding the line on both spending and taxes, while increasing spending for the children's prisons and the various welfare schemes that keep us all much poorer than our gross pay would seem to indicate. The contradictions are stunning. The fact that residents of the Stalag can't see it is even more stunning.

The Gubernator said, in an address in Long Beach today, that state government is in "fiscal crisis." In the same speech, he promised higher Medi-Cal payments to doctors and hospitals (shudder).

His announcement next month will supposedly declare a "fiscal emergency," which will give his office more power to make spending cuts. Seems he has an approximate 10% across the board cut waiting in the wings. We'll see how this flies with the Democrat-controlled State House.

This doofus actor has no bloody idea what he's doing. I don't think I'll ever watch "Twins" again!

Hasta la vista, Baby!

Warm regards,
Col. Hogan


Oswald Bastable said...

Why the fuck do morons think actors know how a job works- just because they have played the role!

You might as well vote in an African Grey Parrot!

I'm one hellofa good water treatment operator- don't mean I be a state governor!

(I COULD be another Sheriff Joe!)

Col. Hogan said...

An African Grey Parrot lives in my house. I think he'd be better. At least he wouldn't make contradictory promises on consecutive days--or even in the same speech!

MK said...

What a coincidence, about the parrot!!

Arnie is a big disappointment, if i'm not mistaken he veered left to win at the last election, that's just sad.

MK said...

Forgot to add, that's sad for a conservative, we know leftists are shame-free and morals-free and would sell their own mothers to get power but i expect more from a Conservative.

Col. Hogan said...

I understood Schwarzeneggar's politics before the recall election. While I wanted the recall to succeed (Gray Davis was a hideous governor) I emphatically did not want Schwarzeneggar to succeed him.

Tom McClintock, a Republican State Senator was also running as a strict fiscal conservative. Foes made quite a lot of his pro-life stance (which was totally irrelevant in this election), but the tactic held sway with the airhead leftists--of which the Stalag has many.

Thus, we're stuck with Schwarzeneggar, a muddle-headed occasional conservative with a radical leftist wife (Maria Shriver, leftist journalist and part of the Kennedy clan--don't imagine that she's not a part of the process).

Aurora said...

Ah Col., you had a good, comprehensive post on Arnie before I saw my source. I should've checked yours first. :)
He really has messed up badly. I wonder what the people of California are thinking now. Well the moonbats of San Francisco probably think he's one of theirs.

Col. Hogan said...


Please don't hesitate to write any commentary on my account. We do different things. I make fun of the stupid stuff. I get angry. I occasionally bring up an ethical or philosophical point.

You're more nearly a journalist with an attitude--and it's a good attitude, in my opinion.

I'll learn more from you than you will from me--but I hope I can draw the occasional chuckle or nod of agreement.