Friday, December 28, 2007

Alarm Tells the Cops Where to Find the Bodies

Thanks to a suggestion by Right Wing Rocker, I'm placing an answer I made to a comment to another of my entries here on the front page for easier access. It's relevant to one of my top priorities: the right to self defense.

The comment, lamenting the irrational and very dangerous Australian version of gun control, is from MK of MK's Views and other blogs:

Yep, we here are paying the price for the fear of guns, parents out here not have an irrational fear of guns, children are taught that guns are bad, there are hysterical campaigns against having gun shops in neighborhoods. It's almost as if people think the guns walk out around killing people or something.

The crime rate might be rising in Australia but i doubt the people will see the only answer.

My answer to the comment is as follows:

There's a tv ad by a home alarm firm here in the Stalag. It shows a thuggy looking guy breaking into a house, with a woman and a child cowering in a nearby room. The alarm goes off. The thug flees at the sound.

At that moment, the phone rings; it's a dispatcher from the alarm company. "Are you all right?" says the dispatcher.

"Somebody just broke in," she answers, looking like a rabbit under the gaze of a coyote.

"We'll be right there." he answers. She, of course, looks relieved.

I always ask, aloud, of whoever I happen to be with, "Lady, where's your gun? Don't you think enough of your child to want to protect him? In real life, the thug might not flee."

I always bring that up, and similar comments whenever I see something in the news in which I think having a gun might've saved a life.

I hope it makes people think.

The point is, whenever someone expresses an irrational fear of guns, of the sort that tells you that individual might be inclined to favor gun control, one must speak up. One has to, without taking on the role of a fire-and-brimstone evangelist, attempt to correct the oft-held view that private ownership and defensive use of weapons shouldn't be allowed.

News, mostly from alternative and local sources, continually offers stories of thugs robbing, maiming and killing unarmed innocents in Australia, England, New Zealand and other gun controlled countries--and of course, it happens here in the various United States too, as we're under a sort of de facto gun control here. Even in states that actually recognize the existence of the Second Amendment, sanctions against weapons carry exist. One need only scan recent US news stories to find many cases in which lives might've been saved had there been one or more weapons-carrying individuals nearby.

One must be vocal. One must write letters to the editorial pages of newspapers. One must write letters to sponsors of pro gun control radio and tv shows, and one must write letters to politicians.

To the extent one can afford the time and money, one should attend pro-self defense rallies and practice shooting at your local gun range. Bring a friend (I've taken several friends to the range; they always comment about how much they enjoyed it).

I'm sure this won't be the end of my comments on this subject, so stand by.

Shoot 'em if you got 'em.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Aurora said...

Col., it seems that whenever we lose one of our freedoms, like self-defense, it's so much harder to get it back again. Sometimes once the pendulum has swung away, it's not returning until it's run its course. Learn from Australia's situation and hang onto your freedoms over there. Vote against politicians who try to take them away from you cuz once they're gone, they're pretty hard to get back.

Ol' BC said...

Colonel, I have no problem with addressing societal shortcomings. The problem, however, is that so many wish this to be a cure all approach. Real life doesn't work that way. The idealistic approach may make some feel better, but the victims of crime are still injured or dead. The second amendment is there for a reason(not JUST to save us from our own government) and the founding fathers' protective measure should be appreciated universally.

Col. Hogan said...

Right said, Aurora!

I've always had a vision of Aussies as self-reliant, almost pioneering types. I probably got that from tv. But city dwellers usually get soft, and accustomed to the many benefits city life have to offer. I'm no exception.

But, one has to remember that cops are never there when needed. In the end, self defense is an individual (or family) task.

That the woman in the quoted dramatic sequence was utterly unprepared to defend herself and her child is utterly unforgivable.

Col. Hogan said...


Even in today's strange world, it's far more likely that one will have to defend oneself against a criminal type than against government (although that prospect looms). Here in the Stalag, there are places one ought not go at night. Those who foolishly go there, thinking they're under police protection or not cognizant of the evil in the minds of some, are the ones that appear in the news.

There are many means of self defense that don't involve guns, and it all starts with awareness and a general plan. Carrying a sock with a roll of quarters inside, etc.

MK said...

Thanks for the link back CH. The sad thing i find is that the people out there know fully well that there are places around where they live that they can't walk around in at night, because there are armed criminals on the loose there.

Yet these same people don't draw the next logical conclusion that our gun control laws have failed and should be turfed out. It's almost as if people will only learn after being raped or shot themselves, by then it's too late.

And i cannot understand people with families who don't bother with learning to protect them, in my household, i always carry weapons because i know i have to be the first line of defense. I wish i didn't have to, but that's life.