Sunday, June 22, 2008

Climate Wars: The Revenge of the Algorians

Yet another of the US federal government's paid shills for the global warming hoax is calling for imprisoning Americans for their opinions. According to a story--one of the many stories that the US news media fail to notice--in, Dr Robert Stadler James Hansen, a pseudo-scientist for NASA, the government agency charged with the task of making sure no one else is able to make it into space, is sacrificing whatever professional reputation he might have, for whatever future bones he might be tossed by algorian politicians for his professional treason.

Additionally, he doubles as the evil Algore's science advisor (according to his Wikipedia page), so I guess that takes care of any bit of honesty and objectivity that was ever part of his makeup.

Well, he's going to speak before Congress where he's going to recommend that oil company executives be prosecuted for "spreading doubt about global warming." He also says he plans to work to unseat uncooperative Congressmen, as well. I'm sure that'll go over well in the committee room.

First, in the absence of any other information, that bit tells us that Mr Hansen is a leftist. Only leftists (well, not only leftists), would think that dissent is a criminal offense. This also in view of the fact that the algorians have never even begun to prove their case.

Of course, they've never proven that second-hand tobacco smoke, as encountered in normal situations is harmful either.

The Big Lie. If enough influential people tell a lie enough times over a long enough period of time, it will be believed by many.

Let them freeze in the dark.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Another scientist unwilling to believe that we're all going to burn.

T. F. Stern said...

The closer the US moves toward being run by the leftist, the more you will see this type of censorship of ideas which run contrary to a favored position.

Col. Hogan said...


Good for him! It's nice to see that there a few men of independent mind left.

Col. Hogan said...


I'm reading that if B Hussein becomes President, he'll bring back the old, much debunked "fairness doctrine," which will pretty much put an end to conservative talk radio.

steveintx said...

"Of course, they've never proven that second-hand tobacco smoke, as encountered in normal situations is harmful either."

As with the algore lemmings, that doesn't stop them from using bogus study after lie after lie to prove(?) their point.

Col. Hogan said...


Yeah, except that nowadays, the Big Lie is so thoroughly a part of our culture that they don't really need the bogus studies anymore. They just smile condescendingly at anyone who dares to show skepticism.

T. F. Stern said...

The Wall Street Journal posted an article which explained all about Nancy Pelosi and how the Fairness Doctrine was a top priority and how those 100 Democrats who'd voted for the one year removal of the "FD" had been held in check by Pelosi and were properly instructed on how to be a good Democrat under her thumb.

I have a link to it in my latest post.

Col. Hogan said...


Even the pompous Democrats have to be careful. They're supposed to be the party of free expression and tolerance (I know it only applies to approved thought and deed, but not everyone does), and a House or Senate majority is a fragile thing.

The attempt at the destruction of the conservative/libertarian media might put them back in the rear end of the wagon.

They aren't as smart as they think they are, and we aren't as stupid as they think we are.

KentC said...

Imagine the fairness doctrine applied to NBCABCCBSCNNMSNBC. They'd have to have Rush, Sean H., hell, the whole Republican and Libertarian parties, on 24 hour call. They'd at least have to have someone other than just David Rodham Gergen, and Kevin Phillips as the 'Right-side' of the panel with 4 socialists and 2 liberal commentators ;-)

Col. Hogan said...


Back in the mid-1970's there was a "Fairness Dictrine" in place for a few years. During that time I was active in an LA organization called Libertarian Alternative, which started out as a dinner club, and was involved with the early LP, including the John Hospers campaign and a couple of the subsequent ones.

One of the things we did was to answer newspaper, radio and tv editorials.

Seems these mainstream organizations interpreted the program to mean that if (in radio and tv, for example) they did a minute of commentary, they provided a minute for an opposing group to reply.

They often picked us; I wrote and delivered a couple of them on radio myself. I also wrote numerous letters to editors of the LA/OC newspapers and had a number of them published.

I sort of don't expect that this is the way it'll shake out this time.

Kent C said...

I do recall the story. Didn't you meet GWSmith at the dinners? And yeah, I don't expect it to work that way either.

$400 million for another 8 years of Rush. I'm sure some liberals radio jocks would like to see an 'equal pay' doctrine. lol

Col. Hogan said...


Do you mean George H? One of the first LA area Objectivist groups I fell in with introduced me to Roy Childs in about 1970. As a part of Childs' move back east to write for Laissez Faire books, or The New Libertarian (I forget which) he had a rummage sale.

It was, perhaps, a year later that I began attending the Libertarian Alternative dinners.

I went over there and bought a number of his books. George H was there, and we met and spoke some. He mentioned the book he was writing, on atheism.

I only saw him in LA once or twice after that, and then not until The Freedom Summit a few years ago. Still, he's a pretty cool guy. Oddly, he seemed older there in Phoenix. Still cool, though.

KentC said...

George H. yes, of course ;-)

Yep. That's the story.... thanks.