Wednesday, June 18, 2008

While We're Talking About Oil

Greg Perkins, over at NoodleFood, found some wonderful technological news in an article on the TimesOnline website. Seems LS9, a computer firm in Silicon Valley, California, has genetically altered a microscopic "bug" which eats biological waste, such as wheat straw and wood chips and excretes petroleum. At a time of worldwide oil shortages, LS9, and other firms working along the same lines, could turn the OPEC nations into minor players in the energy production industry.

At a time when global oil demand is increasing daily and our anti-productivity Congress is keeping the world's most productive nation in neutral, inventiveness of this sort could restore America to its normal place as the world's leader in technological development. All LS9 has to do now, is keep the government out of it.

Call me a fan.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Kent C said...

Obama has introduced legislation to put the "LS9 bugs" on the endangered species list. :-)

They've been able to stop all means of the US developing more energy production so a few bugs aren't going to stop them from forcing the global warming myth upon us.

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. And put an Nuclear facility in my backyard!

T. F. Stern said...

Any time I read about importing a rare breed or altering one, a little red flag shoots up as a warning. Have we considered the long term outcome to the rest of the environment. Will this new "critter" destroy some other part of the eco-system, something which is vital and as yet not understood? These are my thoughts when we start dabbling with nature.

Drill now and drill often, similar to the Democrats, Vote now and vote often line.

Col. Hogan said...


Of course I think government should get out of the way, freeing oil companies to drill as much as they see fit. Sooner or later, alternative fuels will be developed, but until they are, oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas is what we have.

Dopey politicians seem to think we can simply do without any energy sources until one is developed that they can get behind. And there are none known that they will support.

Hence, my reference to a feudal society: what they really want.

Col. Hogan said...


I'm far more concerned about my environment--that is, a comfortable home, an efficient and enjoyable personal car (an air car would be better), good food, good friends, a general prosperity and continuous technological progress, than I am about the undefinable "environment" about which the algorians constantly blather.

There's enough potential riches in the "bug fuel" industry, if they can produce the quantity of fuel to make a dent in the "fuel crisis," that I'm not going to worry about it. If we worried about the side effects of every innovation that's come down the pike in the last several centuries, we'd still be living in caves. After all, this is the same way the oil for which oil companies now drill, was created in the same way. LS9 has apparently simply found a way to do it faster.

Kent C said...

The Col. writes:

"...alternative fuels will be developed, but until they are, oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas is what we have."

This is always where the liberals/socialists shoot themselves in the foot - they actually 'extend' the point in time where the market will correct, by skewing the market. One of the stupidist ideas is the idea to 'conserve oil, eg.' "for the future" by putting market regulations on it now.

Use it up! ... and the price will rise naturally, to _make_ the 'alternatives' viable on their own merit rather than through subsidation! They (socialists) think that 'saving some for the grandkids' is the altruistic answer to the 'use it up, now!' "greed"?? Yet the grandkids benefit by making the alternatives less expensive in the future.

Violating Natural Law, has the same effects of violating the Laws of Physics - failure and sometimes death.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Call me a fan.

OK, you're a fan.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

There is an odd behavior with the comment section on your blog in that clicking the name, for example, Kent C does not take you to his site. Ditto TWC, thus making gratuitous self-promotion more difficult.

IOW, no linking happens even though the website is provided by the commenter. This is true in Firefox, IE, and Safari.

This behavior is not replicated on other blogger blogs.

MK said...

Bugs excreting petroleum! Good grief, bring em' on, now those are bugs i could like.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Ah Ha! I figured it out. Blogger expects you to include the http:// part of the URL. On other Blogger sites my Firefox automatically includes it for me. On Col Hogan FF "remembers" only the www part, which is all that most blogging platforms require.

Let's try it out.

Col. Hogan said...


I've been noticing that every time a leftist is pointedly asked about increasing domestic oil production, first he says "drilling won't affect the quantity of domestic oil for at least ten years." They he says, "we have to increase biofuel production."

To the leftist, biofuel means mainly ethanol from corn, which increases the price of food from corn. Then, comes the pie-in-the-sky stuff like wind generators and solar panels.

Seriously detached from reality!

Kent C said...

"drilling won't affect the quantity of domestic oil for at least ten years."

Cramer says 4-5 years but affecting the quantity and affecting the price are two different things. The market adjusts accordingly, well ahead of time.

If Iraq is truly 'winding down' as a search on google can show (and the fact that it isn't in the news on an hourly basis), then Energy is liable to be 'the issue' in November and I think that it's a winner for McCain. He could help his cause by jettisoning the global warming thing (which he won't) and pushing for drilling in ANWR, (which he may) and some plan for re-entry in to nuclear (a cinch for him, but not for congress of course).

Barack, who attended a Muslim elementary school in Indonesia - I only mention this because so far, the only source of the idea that there are 'internet sites' that proclaim him to be a Muslim, is his own campaign at this point ;-) ... ok back to energy - and this can't be stressed enough, that B. Hussein along with every other environ-mentalist couldn't be happier with the price of oil and gas - this is the thing for which they have been working hard since the late 60's and all of their regulation and taxes have finally paid off - like along the lines of a windfall profit tax!

The idea that solar, wind, biofuel would be able to handle the energy consumption in the US even within 10 years is folly and all but the blinded college students know this.

As Rush said today (and btw, Rush and Hannity certainly aren't 'neocons' - their just 'cons' ;-) We Can't Afford Obama!

Col. Hogan said...


"(and btw, Rush and Hannity certainly aren't 'neocons' - their just 'cons' ;-)" I agree about Rush; not so much about Hannity.

As I wrote in a response to another entry, a majority is slippery as a live eel. Even after twelve years of continual leftist political indoctrination in the government children's prisons, there are some things these neofascist Dems will try that just won't be accepted.

We're losing our prosperity because of the environazis. It's becoming more obvious every year. The Carter years were great fun compared to what's coming if these people aren't recognized for what they are, and stopped.