Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Can't Drive 55!

The 55mph national speed limit has once again reared its ugly head, and once again, it's leftists, in the guise of algorians, wearing their frightful mask. As one of the many unworkable plans to keep American oil companies from actually adding to the available petroleum supply, including solar power (which is still in its primitive stages,and will be for years to come) and windmill generators (which kill large numbers of birds and are too unsightly to be employed along the Massachusetts coastline) algorians now suggest that we "save" our existing, largely imported oil supplies by driving slower.

That's the "solution" the leftists of the day tried to apply to the government manufactured gasoline shortages of the Jimma Carter years--even more evidence that a B Hussein Obama Presidency will be Carter's second term.

There were many problems with the 55mph speed limit back then.
  • The US Constitution has no language to allow a mandated national speed limit.
  • No one observed that speed limit anyway.
  • Cross-country driving took much longer than necessary.
  • The cost of transporting goods by truck increased.
  • State and local governments used the speed limit as a cash cow, stepping up enforcement to help fill government coffers.
  • Commuters' drive time was increased, lengthening the time of their exposure to possible collisions and breakdowns.
It's an easily observable fact that Guber Schwarzengroper is looking for ways to lessen the state's deficit without actually cutting spending. CHP is already leaving non-injury collision victims to duke it out for themselves while they write citations. Thanks to a relatively new law allowing the doubling of fines for traffic violations in construction zones, virtually all of the Stalag has become a construction zone.

Two cities I spend a lot of time in, driving, are Culver City and El Pueblo de Los Angeles. There's no question that they've stepped up traffic enforcement. Parking enforcement is a growth industry, as well. Lovely Rita is working overtime.

LAPD sets up a ticket factory a couple of times a week near my work area, and CCPD has a truck checkpoint they set up, complete with portable scales, once or twice a month.

What's next? A 40 mph speed limit? Freeway bicycle lanes? Increased license fees for vehicles with engines of over a liter (61 cubic inches, in American) displacement? The algorians really want to see us looking under rocks for food.

Anything at all, to avoid the rational solution: Drill now, drill here and drill fast!

Drill, ye tarriers, drill!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Kent C said...

Good piece of writing Col. H.

Same arguments 'for' as was in '74 - lower death rate, save on gas. Neither happened from NMSL, as was predicted. There was a lower death total, but not a lower death 'rate' (% per miles driven). Why? Jimma Carter and the gas crisis that ensued - 20-30% less miles driven. ;-)

Read all about it here, from one of my favorite wonks, even today - Stephen Moore:

Exec. summary:

If you recall, some 'wide open' states finally said, 'no way' and the attempted blackmail by the Feds ensued - "no 55, no DOT funds for your state" and a few governors said: "Keep it". And you could drive 80+ in Arizona and Wyoming and a few others. The Feds folded, like a cheap lawn chair. Nationwide the loss of man hours was in the billions, during that period from 74 on.

Col. Hogan said...


Thanks. I finally got around to reading the Cato piece. I wonder if those same states will similarly resist now.

Incidentally, the price of gas has begun to drop here, ever so slightly. They're saying it's because of a lessening demand as people explore other options.

Since the price per barrel has dropped over 12 bucks in two days, GWB's sudden decision to push for more drilling is a more likely stimulus.

KentC said...

Col. H.,

As far as 'will the same states resist'... hard telling. It's all according how 'hooked' they've become on DOT funds.

I believe there was a direct 'cause and effect' relationship to GWB lifting the restraint on drilling imposed by his dad. There were no other major decisions or movements made with 'other options', but Pelosi or any from the Left simply can't have Bush responsible for that. Her statements about it were totally incoherent and groping.

The other 'development' is the winding down of the war in Iraq as a direct result of the surge and the change of internal politics of Iraq. Bush is considering a stepped up withdrawal, but it, imo, like anything else he's done there, has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the scene 'on the ground'. He made huge mistakes early on and has paid for them politically, but personally he's been a 'rock' on his intent there and it's paying off.

One of the things Rush mentioned today is that because of the non-reporting of this by the MSM, Barack, because he gets his news from the MSM, is way behind the curve on the actual facts and is still 'fighting a war' that isn't the same war even 8 months to a year ago. It's like he's the Japanese soldier who came out of the jungle in New Guinea? in the late 50's thinking WWII was still on. :-)

MK said...

"What's next? A 40 mph speed limit? Freeway bicycle lanes? Increased license fees for vehicles with engines of over a liter (61 cubic inches, in American) displacement?"

Yep, that is what they do in other places. When you take into account the additional taxes they are proposing for petrol/gas, that's effectively a tax. I also believe in Texas they have something along the lines of a gas-guzzler tax.

They'll only stop when we're all pedaling bicycles or in animal drawn carriages, preferably walking, but one step at a time. Wouldn't want to get the peasants all rattled up would you. When they get together they can be quite dangerous. Nasty business that.

Col. Hogan said...


Pelosi is incoherent most of the time. She's only eclipsed (in the Stalag) by Maxine Waters (who wants to nationalize the petroleum industry.

Today, Larry Elder detailed the various and sundry statements B Hussein has uttered about the Iraq war, showing he also has a very tenuous grasp on reality.

Col. Hogan said...


While most Americans of limited consciousness will tolerate a very gradual increase in the heat (the frog in the cooking pot analogy), even they get riled when the heat increases too quickly.

How do you suppose this squares with B Hussein's recent comment that he's only sorry that the price of gas went up so fast.

Kent C said...


You're absolutely right. If we want to know what will happen with an Obama presidency and a super majority of liberals in Congress, look to Europe, esp. the most progressive countries as to what to expect. I really haven't done that study, but I'm guessing that what they do even puts Caleefornia to shame.

Kent C

Col. Hogan said...


The Stalag seems to have more than an abundance of semi-conscious voters.

Aside: I very much to dislike the tendency to use the term "progressive" to describe those who are advocates of a neo-feudal system. It was adopted as a replacement for the also-misappropriated term "liberal," which is being cast off by leftists as more and more people find out what their brand of "liberalism" really means.

Kent C said...


Should have put that in quotes and actually prefer "socialist" over liberal - they hate that even more ;-) Progressives were the first real socialists in America and McCain's idol Teddy Roosevelt ran as a Progressive 2nd time around.

Kent C said...

Kent said ;-)

"Progressives were the first real socialists in America" and that isn't exactly right. Progressive was one of the first 'euphemisms' used for socialist - liberal was still 'classical liberal' during that period. There was the Socialist party of America and at that point in time and perhaps even less on the fringe than the Libertarian party is now.

CelticForestGoddess said...

The south will buck it. They raised it to 70 mph, I believe Georgia and South Carolina, despite the threats to cut fed money. Kentucky wimped out and just recently followed the "Eff you" crowd to raise it to 70.

Can you imagine how much taxpayer money is also going to changing all those signs all the time from 65, to 55, to 70, then back again?

Crazy. They're just freakin' crazy.

Col. Hogan said...


The Stalag will fold. Guber Schwartzengroper is so hungry for money he'll agree to a thirty mph speed limit. No one is safe while the state legislature is in session.