Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nation of the Flies

I often wonder what the world will be like a century from now, or even twenty years along. I'm observing that the government children's prison system and the media are seem to be doing everything they can imagine to keep children from full adulthood--by de-emphasizing the need for personal responsibility and critical thinking, and many other activities to which man (in Dirty Lab lingo, man is an abbreviation of human, which is a species of critter that has a female sex--woman--and a male sex--man--and is inclusive) must attend if he's to even begin to fulfill his potential. One can only conclude that the individuals who operate these institutions want to see mankind stunted and mentally/psychologically crippled to remain a sort of world of children throughout their lives.

Another trait these elitists are trying to destroy is that of defiance. As I've mentioned in the past, the only reason for this is that the elitists want a subdued, compliant populace to follow quietly along the elitists' path toward a new feudalism. Most of us are already in the mindset of serfdom already, after decades of conditioning and propagandizing. We can see it wherever we go.

Since the children's prisons seem to be teaching mainly compliance and subservience. Any teaching of that which is necessary for children to become adults must come from the parents. In addition, it has to be hoped that there's some spark of individualism left with the parents, they already having been bathed in humanity-robbing propaganda during their own school years. One bit of evidence that young people are failing to reach adulthood is the relatively common phenomenon of adult children living in their parents' homes well into legal adulthood--presumably with their teddy bears.

The failings of many of today's parents include the inability or lack of desire to:
  • Teach their children the work ethic.
  • Teach critical thinking.
  • Teach time management.
  • Be parents.
  • Teach children to dress properly.
  • Teach children common courtesy.
  • Teach them to defend themselves.
Many parents fail to allow their children to learn for themselves by:
  • Never allowing them to be alone.
  • Never letting them set their own goals.
  • Never letting them achieve their goals on their own.
  • Never letting them achieve self reliance.
  • Never letting them have adventures.
Or even:
  • Letting them walk to the places they go.
  • Letting them go to a public rest room by themselves.
  • Letting them go to summer camp without their cell phones.
  • Letting them find work, earn money and spend it as they will, on their own.
I became a streetcorner newsie when I was ten. It was wonderful, having my own money.

Years ago, I had a job in which I hired kids. I'm not sure if that could still happen today. I tried to instill in them responsibility and pride in a job well done. I tried to teach them to make change properly--something the children's prison hadn't done. We didn't have cash registers with pictures on the keys in gas stations back then.

They'll have kids of their own by now. I hope a little of what I tried to teach stuck.

The road to serfdom is all downhill.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


T. F. Stern said...

I listened to a fellow at one of those management seminars. The first thing he did was ask for a show of hands, "How many of you here have had a newspaper route?"

About twenty percent raised their hands, including myself. There is a direct link to being independent and learning how to earn money and manage time through the lessons learned in youthful attempts to make money.

Col. Hogan said...


The system seems to be currently rigged against kids working. Here in the Stalag, there are no more paper routes. Adults deliver the papers from cars. It's not legal for kids to work until the age of 16, and hours are restricted and dependent 'pon grades. Thus, you can imagine, employers often don't want to get involved.

It seems to be a planned and concentrated effort to deprive kids of the tools of achieving adulthood.

Kent C said...

Col H. says:

"Another trait these elitists are trying to destroy is that of defiance."

The latter is related to the former. They tried to quell defiance through discipline. That didn't work. ;-) because defiance involves _some_ type of critical thinking, (not much sometimes). Attacking that 'underlying' source was where they had to go and they have done so quite effectively.

Lone Chatelaine said...

I agree with you Col. I thank my lucky stars every day that my parents gave me the work ethic they did. I started working at small office jobs like answering phones, etc, when I was 16, even though I didn't need the money and my family was more than able to let me be a spoiled brat who never had to work a day in my life. But the didn't, because they're self made themselves. They didn't always have the success they had when they got older. And they wanted me to be able to do that for myself too.

I work with a lot of entry level corporate employees now. I can't believe how many of these twenty-somethings get their first job and expect to be able to make their own hours, work from home, have their pick of the special project teams, and not have to really do something just because their manager assigned it to them. They also want a corporate credit card right off the bat for "entertaining". As if they have any accounts at the level that require wining and dining.

Not to mention that they think corporate e-mails to customers should be written in text-messaging jargon.

Ugh...I could go on, but I'd just be griping unproductively.

Col. Hogan said...


Among the things I'd like to see is a large majority of students in a classroom bring small penknives to school. One of the braver ones could use one to clean his fingernails, or some other innocent and undamaging act. When the teacher calls them on it, they should all begin cleaning their fingernails.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the kids of Readington Middle Children's Prison in New Jersey (see my
begin paying for their lunch with pennies. That was a worthy moment of defiance, even over such a minor issue (not to them!) as short lunch periods.

I loved it!

Col. Hogan said...

Lone Chatelaine,

I'm a blue collar type of guy, with a career in quality control in construction. I work with civil engineers and geologists, largely. If one of them comes out of college with that kind of attitude, he's soon shown the error in his thinking. A civil engineering professional is a plan checker or an assistant cost estimator, or maybe a field logger for his first few years, until he can manage to pass his registration exam.

Only then does he get a newer Jeep, a company credit card (with many restrictions) and a hard-walled office. With a door.

What you're describing reads more like the firm depicted in the Dilbert strip--if these young grads get their way (I'm sure they don't)--that's doomed when the bills come due.

It's little wonder that professionals from Asia, Africa and India do well here. They've realized the need to work hard and continue learning.

Lone Chatelaine said...

Lol! Sometimes I do think I work at Dilbert's office. No wonder I love that comic strip so much.

For a while, some markets were actually giving the newbies all those perks, and yeah, we're paying a price for it now.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

So, who's the Quiche Eater in the photo? :-)

BTW, those are all laudable goals, including the penknife civil disobedience. It won't happen, though. For exactly the same reason that you and I keep paying our taxes. The government has all the good guns and the kids who show up pen knives will be expelled. Immediately. And the courts will back that expulsion and the ACLU will look the other way.

Absent the entire school population rebelling, nothing will change. Which is why, I, am in favor of the wholesale abolition of public education. That ain't happening neither.

And, private school isn't any better. Sure, they're better at actual education, but when Jake was in private school the kids were not allowed to say the word 'gun'. At least in his public school 'gun' was a spelling word.

The flip side is that many of the kids realize the educational establishmentarians are idiots. In fact, many of the teachers do as well. We had a great teacher who consistently and routinely ignored the mandates and simply taught his class the way it should have been taught.

I remind my son daily to be sure not to take his knife to school. I also remind him of how idiotic this is. But it is a fact of reality, and the hassle isn't worth it.

I explained to one of the House Blonde's friends a few months ago the difference between the crime of carrying a pocket knife to school and the crime of using it to hurt someone. Something that never happened once in my entire grade school career. She may have been already too indoctrinated, but I thought I saw a bit of a glimmer in her eyes.

Col. Hogan said...


Although, IMO, getting expelled can't be anything but a plus, as long as the youngster isn't already a tv, cell phone or vidgame addict. He could spend the time cataloguing the flora and fauna in the back yard, or simply climbing to the top of the nearest ridge, while mom and pop are at work.

Col. Hogan said...


Keeping the spoiled brat alive in them, eh? It works until the hammer falls--and maybe even longer if the feds bail the corporation out.....

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Although, IMO, getting expelled can't be anything but a plus...

Except for that part (that we both overlooked for the moment) where the cops arrest the kid and charge him with felony possession of a dangerous weapon on a public school campus, subsequently hauling him off to Juvie where he gets to socialize with actual misfits. No ridge climbing for our boy.

Col. Hogan said...


In the words of the legendary father of Mexican peaceful protest, Majatma Grande, I'd have probably done it anyway. I never really took my "permanent record" very seriously. Juvie records get sealed--and if you believe that one, I have an early American steam-powered cell phone I'll sell you--and I was a lad who often leaped into indignant protest without considering where all the chips will fall. Google the Grand Forks Valley Junior High School Squirtgun Massacre of 1957.

I wouldn't recommend my way to others, but I think someone, more likely many someones, has to illustrate the danger and foolishness in our government's headlong dash into fascism.

Aurora said...

Very well said, Col.
Since the children's prisons seem to be teaching mainly compliance and subservience true. There is a generation of pliable, Hollywood blockbuster watching, media believing people growing up that have absolutely no defenses against the malevolent people making their niche into the new politics of today. Let's hope at least some parents have instilled the right training into some of the next generation.

MK said...

"The road to serfdom is all downhill."

It's also the easiest down to head down, by taking away responsibility you make em' think they're better off with less to do and someone else to blame. Little do the idiots know that with responsibility comes freedom, you can't have one without the other.

The most alarming indication i've seen is at the scene of those shootings that happened in America, at the universities populated by the youngest, brightest and strongest, when the gunman came shooting, there was only an old fellow who escaped the nazis who had the balls to stand up to him, the next generation was diving out the windows and under the desks.

When the gunmen attacked the churches, Christians and middle-aged folk stood up and fought back again. And i'm 99% sure that if the same thing happened in one of our major cities in a Britain or Australia, we'd all run.

Col. Hogan said...


I don't blame Hollywood for this; while most actors are empty-headed whim worshipers, they mostly do take direction. Most script writers are far smarter than actors, and there are several excellent directors.

The parents have to direct their kids toward the better-themed movies and tv shows (that's not easy, as you undoubtedly know).

It's the teachers. We're a good three generations into rank propagandizing in the children's prisons. If I go from what my dad told me about his education, to what I know about mine, to what my sons tell me about theirs, to what I'm hearing and reading about the current system, it's been a gradual progression downhill.

Today's children's prisons are child abuse. A parents' strike might be a good idea.

Col. Hogan said...


If you've ever read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," you'll remember the bum's story of the deterioration of Twentieth Century Motors under the direction of the owner's heirs. Our road to serfdom (apologies to FA Hayek) is following that same path. Wealth redistribution through government-forced benevolence may seem of to those of us who accept the notion of being our brothers' keeper, until it becomes obvious that we can back off our productivity and become a recipient of those alms.

It seems good to some until it's realized that everyone must beg for those alms, and with productivity going down the toilet, the alms are ever-shrinking.

Next, we'll notice that we are completely at the mercy of the elites who've seized power.

Then, we'll all be living in rammed earth huts and subsistence farming, a large portion of the product of which must be delivered to the elite overlords, who control the army.