Friday, August 01, 2008

Another Open Letter to Congressman Howard L Berman (D-Calif.)

As I suspected, Congressman Berman didn't see my previous letter, or at least, didn't see any need to answer it. His staff did, however, find the time to add my email address to those to whom he sends a monthly e-flier detailing his visits to senior centers and shopping malls.

So, here goes:

Attn: The Honorable Howard L Berman

Dear Congressman Berman:

After House Democrats embarrassed themselves Friday (8-1-08) by cutting off debate and calling for adjournment at the point of a debate and subsequent vote on the single most important issue of the day, an end to the ban against petroleum drilling in areas controlled by the Federal government, I’ve decided that House Democrats have far more interest in maintaining a flawed, self-hobbling debilitating policy that helps keep more and more Americans dependent ‘pon government at the expense of America’s greatness. I particularly viewed Speaker Pelosi’s act of turning off the lights and cameras to be one personally embarrassing to me as a Californian. Ok, she’s from Frisco, and they’re pretty crazy up there. But still!

I might add I regard any involvement in these areas of free market capitalism to be unconstitutional and morally wrong. Indeed, who was it that forbade men like J D Rockefeller making oil available to the world and improving the lives of all of us immeasurably? In a different time, it might have been people like those in today’s Democrat party. We’d still have to step around road apples as we walk to work on muddy streets.

Going through this kind of dramatics simply to keep from doing one’s job! Really!

Democrats, slaves to the pronouncements and edicts of fascistic environmentalist crazies, have been wrongly asserting for more than ten years that drilling for oil in ANWR, off our coasts and in the Midwest will not help the energy problem. Yet, the President’s merely having mentioned the possibility of our exploiting those areas caused the price to drop by over $15 per barrel in only three days.

It’s very clear that elected Democrats are pursuing a path that will lead to an impoverished America. As a constituent of yours, a voter and a possible activist (who has yet to receive an answer from my first letter to your office), I have to tell you that this is folly and it’s keeping many Americans from achieving their potential. People around the world have been looking to America as a shining light for over two centuries. Your party is throwing mud at that light by placing the barricades of draconian regulation and taxation in front of productive Americans. Friday’s tantrum is an example of the hysteria by which Democrats say, “No, you can’t” to those who want to make America a better place.

Thanks very much.


Now, I don't for a second exempt Republicans from these very same criticisms--they've done little (collectively) to resist the Democrats' sabotage of American capitalism--in fact, many of them stand at the forefront of the destruction of America as a free country. It just happens that, unfortunately, my local Congressman is a Democrat, and seemingly one who is looking for a free ride by floating with the currents and not rocking the boat.

He'll probably be reelected (though, not with my help) because most of his constituents are Hollywood leftists and philosophical airheads, or am I repeating myself?


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


T. F. Stern said...

We need to keep the heat on all of the elected folks until they cave in on drilling for oil and becoming energy independent from our enemies.

The idea of expensive gasoline comes in second after being energy independent. The price of oil will drop as supply is increased, and the inflated false price will drop dramatically once it becomes clear that the US is serious about tapping into our own oil, oil that is now off limits because of eco-whacko leftist who hate America.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

I don't think America can become energy independent without nukes. And that ain't happening.

Col. Hogan said...


One of my major concerns is that the federal government is actually playing a part in this. They should not be. I'll have to look at the US Constitution to see what kind of authorization the federal government has to actually own and control real estate. My understanding was that government only owned land until a private concern expressed a desire for it--homesteading, for example.

The courts, no doubt, have obscured the intent of the Founders in that regard, as they have in so many other areas.

Now, government acts as if their ownership of land is paramount, and private ownership is secondary and provisional. Thus, as in many other areas, Americans must go, hat in hand, to beg government to allow them to do what they want to do.

Col. Hogan said...


You might be right, but one of McCain's few positive stances is to begin erecting many more nuke plants, beginning with his Presidency.

IMO, pronouncements to the effect that something will not happen can become self-fulfilling prophecies and thus, I take the attitude that it can happen and that I'll do what I can to make it happen.

That said, I'm not as certain as most Republicans that we really need to be energy independent. We merely have to assert the free market and see whose energy sells to whom. That's what I'm working for.

MK said...

Good letter CH, good luck getting a reply though. Too much time would be wasted bullsh!tting you around, to them that time could be far better spent hobbling those "who want to make America a better place".

Col. Hogan said...


Thanks. What they're actually doing is putting the country on a long slide to third world level for the short-term benefit of their own bank accounts.

Cerulean Bill said...

I thought Californians didn't like the term 'Frisco'. Or is that just people from the city itself?

You're right about the lights-out manuever. Its adults playing at games that would embarrass a child.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

I thought Californians didn't like the term 'Frisco'. Or is that just people from the city itself?

Bay Area mostly. It is only acceptable if it is on the back of a Hells Angels Jacket.

That's because San Francisco is too long a word to fit.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Berdoo, otoh, is perfectly acceptable in lieu of San Bernardino, Hells Angels, or not.