Friday, August 22, 2008

.....And The Winner Is.....

So, does anyone actually care who this year's mediocre candidates for President select as Vice-Presidential running mates? Apparently some do, since there's currently another one of those media firestorms on precisely this subject. Every news program, every commentator, every pundit includes the question of who Barry Hussein or John McCain (odd that no democrat has come up with a clever putdown name for McCain yet!) will select for his running mate. Barry has even fanned the flames to the degree that he's made public that he has made his decision--but not telling yet.

I find this year's selection to be one of the most mundane ever--only rivaled by those including both Bush's, Bob Dole, John Kerry, Algore and Adlai Stevenson. And, as I've mentioned, the length of what they're calling "the campaign season," two full years, is worse than disturbing. They seem to be trying to place the political campaign season fully on a par with the hockey season. It'll never work. Hockey is life. Politics is anti-life.

Face it: there is no value, at this time, in knowing who will be the two vying Vice Presidential candidates. The parties' respective conventions, mercifully coming up very soon, will be soon enough. The only good that could ever come of it would be if the placed California Guber Ahnold Schwarzengroper's name in nomination. That'd start me seriously rooting for a McCain victory. It'd get Schwarzengroper out of the Stalag for a full four years! We could get the very-frugal-by-comparison Davis-the-Grey back into the Gubermansion.

Forgive my tendency to dream.

I could dream even more by way of remembering that in the original founding documents, not only were Senators selected by the State Legislatures of the various states, but the Vice President was the loser of the Presidential election. The winning Republican would have the losing Democrat as his VP, or vice (shudder) versa.

Oh, did I tell you I'm on the Florida Ballot Design committee again? It just gives me butterflies!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


steveintx said...

What do you think of the Obama/Obiden/08 deal? At least he didn't choose somebody that was more of a moron than he is. Not sayin' I like Joe B. Just sayin' that maybe it should be Obiden/Obama.

Col. Hogan said...


It should be fun. Biden has a habit of running his mouth before his brain's in gear. Also, he was caught plagiarizing from others' speeches during his previous campaigns.

I'm just wondering if McCain will take proper advantage of stuff like that, and all the crummy stuff that B Hussein has said and done.

Aurora said...

Yes, why do they drag the current elections out so long? And do you notice that they keep finding ways to make it all about Obamabanana and the Hildebeeste? The big headlines here yesterday in the 'world' section were that Hillary has told her 'followers' to back Obama...who really cares? Good point about them trying to elevate politics to a fever pitch. Problem is, the sheeple are easily led and I think they're succeeding. Politician as adored celebrity strikes me as a very, very dangerous place to be.

Col. Hogan said...


And here I am angry that there's nothing worth watching on tv. So, I'm listening to a lot of music cd's instead.

Thanks for the insightful and kind comments.