Saturday, August 09, 2008

First, Kill All the Dogs

Looking through my handy dandy copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the accompanying Bill of Rights, I'm unable to find the clause that states that government has the mandate to regulate what one ingests. I've looked several times. Yet, the illegal War on Drugs, more properly called the War on Americans' Rights, continues unabated.

It's an oft-asserted fact that 'pears to even the casual observer, that this government's ongoing assault on individual rights costs far more, in any manner of measure, than does the kind of rampant drug use imagined by the evil federal government, even in its most loony fascist's worst imaginings.

The tales of police brutality against the guilty are only exceeded by their atrocities against the innocent. A casual search will turn up hundreds of instances in which due process is ignored, not only by police, but by elected officials, the news media and the courts--especially the bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court, every member of which should (and no doubt does) know better.

The most recent case of crime-by-police took place in Berwyn Heights, near College Park--itself just a few miles east of Mordor. The victims of this outrage were the Mayor of this little slice of suburbia, one Cheye Calvo, his wife and her mother. And, of course, the real victims were the family's two black labs, Payton and Chase, who were given an on-the-spot execution under the guns of this gang of thugs, merely for being dogs.

The sordid tale, starting in Phoenix as a convoluted cross-country movement of a quantity of marijuana to the area. Rumors that the mules were two scruffy guys riding Harleys proved to be untrue.

Arizona police learned of the drug movement and alerted the police agencies in Maryland that the pot was to be delivered in several packages, to various addresses in the area, including Calvo's. Before the packages were delivered, they were to be picked up by the local sellers with the addressees none the wiser.

The plot thickens. Prince George County cops caught the delivery boys and confiscated the drugs. Undercover cops delivered the packages to the addressees, not knowing that they were merely names picked out of a phone book (or the like).

Prince George County's finest then staged the raid 'pon the Mayor's home, killing the dogs, then tying up the Mayor and his mom-in-law on the floor beside one of the bleeding dogs. All the facts got sorted out, as the Mayor's wife came home to find the house covered in blood (the cops tracked all over the place) and torn apart.

Maryland has no law allowing no-knock search warrants by the cops, except they can if they feel like it.

Read the entire sordid story here. Also, see Balko's fine commentary here.

Oh, the County Mounties have not, and apparently will not apologize.

The FBI has been called in to investigate the matter which, if the Ruby Ridge murders are any guide, means the thugs involved in this atrocity will be given promotions, awards for valor and new squad cars.

And, for the capper, guess who has to clean up the Mayor's house (Hint: it won't be anyone with a badge).

People shouldn't be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


The Winecommonsewer said...

Don't EVEN get me started.

In a way, though, it's good that this is a high profile victim, might get some attention.

Hey! America! This is your fookin' drug war. It's what you wanted. Because some junkie with a needle in his arm is more important to you than selling out my kid's American birthright.

Why? Why do you care so got dam much? About stopping him. From smoking dope or crack or shooting up in a dark alley? And after a trillion dollars, guess what? He's still shooting up in a dark alley.

Even though back in the day drugs were a felony and possession came with some serious jail time, the cops were not battering down your doors armed with bogus no-knock warrants. They weren't killing dogs, and innocent old ladies, and guys defending their babies from home invasion robberies.

Jesus Chrysler, what the hell is going on?

Lone Chatelaine said...

I have a black lab and I love her dearly. She's a sweetheart that loves everyone she meets. When people come to my door she welcomes them and doesn't run away.

Stuff like this makes me realize I could be capable of killing people, because if anyone ever hurt her, I'd probably kill them. I don't understand anyone who could be cold hearted enough to shoot a non-threatening animal like that. I don't think anyone who could do something like that is good enough to be allowed to live any longer. There's a darkness in them that the world doesn't need.

I think if I were that mayor I'd just have to say to hell with the law and go after those cops myself.

Those poor doggies. Makes me cry :-(

Col. Hogan said...


There are honest cops, and there are rich cops. There are no honest, rich cops.

Col. Hogan said...

Lone Chatelaine,

I've never really considered having a dog. I guess I'm a guy who just won't commit (ar, ar!) I have enjoyed playing with others' dogs at times. I guess it's like kids. They're a lot of fun, but it's nice to be able to walk away and leave them in their parent's hands.

steveintx said...

We have our own version of the SS Death's Head Units here. They troll the IH40 and the IH27 looking for unsuspecting motorists making a peacful journey through our state. Out of about fifty pillars of the community (somewhere) they will get one with a cache of drugs and parade it up and down the newspaper and tv news. Some SOB, I'm thinkin it was Jorge Arbusto, who was gobernador of Texas at the time made it legal to search cars on public roads. I've still not figgered that one out. When the New Waffen SS pulls you over they politely ask to search your vehicle, if you refuse that (supposedly) gives them the right to pursue a warrant and they immediately detain you. Then they are not polite.

This pales in comparison to what happened in Md but it is telling how quickly we are losing our country. If there is any justice the SWAT bastards will get caught with the drugs they steal from the dealers.

smartass sob said...

When the New Waffen SS pulls you over they politely ask to search your vehicle, if you refuse that (supposedly) gives them the right to pursue a warrant and they immediately detain you.

Ah! So that's why so many consent to the search - I've often wondered. Nice little Catch-22 there. Can't search your car without a warrant and can't obtain one without probable cause - but if you refuse the request, you must be hiding something and that's suspicious. Ergo, probable cause. Swell. :-{
I think they pull something similar at residences, too.

BTW, Col., this is my first visit here. Looks like you have an interesting blog.


Col. Hogan said...


Both politicians and police forget that they are just regular Americans, too, just like the rest of us.

I deplore the trend of making the police, especially special units such as swat, drug enforcement and vice, a separate elite from the rest of the citizenry. First of all, drug and vice units shouldn't exist, since government has no business being involved in those areas. Second, their separation from general society creates fear and suspicion, each against the other. Third, it invites corruption.

The police are just regular people, and should be treated as such. They shouldn't have authority over anyone unless they have a warrant (a real warrant, not one of those GWB Patriot Act tear-off-a-pad pre signed by a long-retired judge warrants they use these days). They're there only to protect the rights of individuals in their jurisdiction.

And, there shouldn't be special penalties for crimes against police officers that are different then the penalties for crimes against anyone else.

Col. Hogan said...


I'm a mite uncomfortable using that term in reference to anyone I don;t know as a smartass, but hey!

Thanks for the kind words.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Ahh, Col, I think you'l find that you and SASOB are kindred spirits of sorts.

On the Night of the Long Knives he'll be on our side of the barricades handing out hand forged bayonets.

And he'll be able to fix the weapons with nothing more than a wood fired forge.

Col. Hogan said...


Excellent. Sounds like a pal. Within the past year, I've acquired a claymore, a Bowie (8-1/2" blade) and an Emerson folding Bowie. Never tried to make one, though.

smartass sob said...

I've acquired a claymore,

I assume by claymore you mean the sword. ;-)

Never tried to make one, though.

I've only made a few modest size belt knives, never a Bowie - though I'd like to try someday. I've wanted one since I was eleven. If you ever try to forge a knife, start small - trust me. ;-)

As for the name - a detective once called me a smartassed-son-of-a-bitch cuz I corrected him when he was lying to someone about a forensic procedure. He tried to say a hair could not be positively identified as having come from a specific individual, and I piped up, "sure it can - with a neutron activation analysis machine. You've got one up in the crime lab." (This was years before they had DNA testing and as a kid I had an interest in science and forensics. I also read alot.) I had my hands cuffed behind me at the time; I wonder what they would have done to me if I had called the cop that? Oh well, long time ago.


twc said...

a detective once called me a smartassed-son-of-a-bitch cuz I corrected him when he was lying to someone about a forensic procedure

Called out a cop for shining a flashlight into the back of Balloon Man's 61 T-Bird. He said the eyes cannot trespass

I said peeping tom's

He wasn't impressed.