Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting According to Race

With the very tardy arrival of candidates of races other than caucasian, the the specter of racism has lifted its ugly, and wholly erroneous, head. Nonetheless, there will be those who vote based 'pon race. It's the theory of myself and many others that there'll be far more who vote for Obama because he's half black than will vote against him for that reason.

In my opinion, Obama should be defeated. If Obama is elected, he'll advance the destruction of what little remains of the free market in America. He'll tax business--those who create jobs--to a higher degree, which will cause layoffs and business closures--high unemployment. He'll spend on social programs and pet projects, more than even GW Bush. He'll cripple what remains of business and manufacturing by means of environmental regulation and other nonsense. He'll socialize medicine, causing the best medical people to drop out of the industry and a general deterioration and ultimate rationing of services.

There will be many other negatives based on Obama's projected meddling in the market, not to mention the increased corruption that always accompanies increases in government power.

Obama will increase the foreign entanglements the Founders warned against, to our detriment.

To be fair, life under the McCain dictatorship probably won't be much better. Where Obama would socialize medicine, McCain would make a compromise with the Democrat Congress to a socialized medicine with copays. McCain would similarly compromise in other areas to like effect.

But, this is about race.

Imagine that Obama is elected. After his term as President, he will leave a legacy of having advanced the destruction of America's free market system (Such as it is after the assaults of every President since Roosevelt--you decide which Roosevelt) more than any previous administration. American liberty will be a memory.

And many will be very angry. There could be attempts to secede, and there could be civil war.

How long do you think it'll be before there'll be another black individual elected President?

I'd vote for a black man (or woman) for any office, in a second--as long as that individual was pro liberty, pro free market and in favor of the right of every individual to self ownership, self determination and self defense.

Individuals of the stature of Walter E Williams and Thomas Sowell come to mind.

Tip of the battered gray fedora to Scott Schneider for the idea leading to this entry.

Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Kent C said...

There has been no attention by the McCain campaign on race. Not necessarily true of some state Repub committees, but I think Wright (and Ayers and Rezco, et. al.) was a legitimate issue and it had to do more with racism on his side.

McCain's plan for health care is to have a medical investment account where individuals and doctors are the prime players.

The biggest concern if McCain is elected is his views on global warming and I would hope that Palin's presence and her expertise in energy would tend to dampen any plans for any rash moves in that area.

I'd add Clarance Thomas to those who I'd vote for and would hope that there is a day when judges didn't have to hide or disavow their libertarian writings like Thomas had to do.

But yeah, it's socialism not race that's the concern.

Col. Hogan said...


My concern was that, for those who vote that way, If Obama is as bad a failure as was, say, Jimma Carter, who'll vote for the next black candidate?

I'll agree, subject to a bit more study, that Thomas would be a good choice, were he running.

I also wonder if the same "religious" fervor would exist if this term's black candidate were Williams, Sowell or someone like that.