Tuesday, July 05, 2005

El Uno de Julio

Los Angeles has a new mayor, or shall I say, alcalde. Friday, the first of July, 2005, a day that will go down in infamy, Antonio Vinaigrette descended to the throne of mayorhood of the city.

Promising to improve the city's schools, streets and hire more police, the new alcalde thus guarantees that, whether he remains in office for one, or two or three or more terms, at the end of that time, not only will the schools have continued to decline, but the streets will have continued to deteriorate and LAPD will have become even less effective. To top it all off, productive individuals and businesses will be continuing to move away from Los Angeles because of overregulation and confiscatory taxation, and the aggregate economic well-being of Angelinos will continue to decline.

There was a huge celebration in Los Angeles Friday, which spilled over into Saturday. If one didn't know better he'd assume it was Cinco de Mayo. On the eve of Independence Day, there were more Mexican flags flying in the central Los Angeles area than US flags.

Ok, I'm not baggin' on Hispanics here. As a construction worker, I've enjoyed working with, and occasionally working for, Hispanics for decades. I'm baggin' on Hispanic socialists. I'd normally only bag on socialists in general, regardless of ethnicity, but the socialists of Los Angeles are making it an Hispanic issue.

Alcalde Vinaigrette sold himself as an Hispanic as a city councilman, he campaigned as an Hispanic, he campaigned more in Hispanic areas of the city, he campaigned predominately on Hispanic issues (where the issues were not universal) and pretty much patronized everyone else.

Furthermore, alcalde Vinaigrette was a member of mecha, an Hispanic organization bent on returning, not only California, but most of the southwest US, to Mexico because the US took it as spoils of the Spanish-American War. He has refused to renounce his relationship with that organization.

The rest of us, including the more sensible, productive Hispanics, realize it'd only take Mexico DF a decade or two to fully loot this area and render it as poor and barren as the current Mexico.

Fair to say that in four years or so, maybe sooner, everyone in the San Fernando Valley, including the Valley's tens of thousands of Hispanics, will be wishing that the late effort to separate the Valley from the city of LA had been successful.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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