Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fighting Terrorism

Michael Chertoff, Director of the evil and unConstitutional Homeland Security gang o' thugs (has anyone called him czar yet?), was interviewed on the Sean Hannity radio program this afternoon. Of course, Hannity fawned all over him. Hannity asked him what was being done to increase security on buses and trains. To his credit, Chertoff seemed to recognize that treating, for example, New York's subway stations like they do airports would literally "drive" New Yorkers back into their cars.

That'd make New York a daily traffic disaster.

He tried, and failed, to justify the mess they're making at the airports by saying that the feds took over airport security because there was nobody else to do it. Chertoff was born at night, and it must've been last night!

What wasn't asked, or answered, was: Where does it say in the US Constitution that Americans have to pass scrutiny by the federal government prior to being allowed to board a private vehicle?

Does anybody remember when the only reason to get to the airport more than ten or fifteen minutes before boarding time was in case you want a stiff drink before boarding? I do. It was before the feds never ventured out of the air traffic control tower.

Well, Mr Chertoff, if you read this (ar, ar!) here's all you need to do.

Call the enemy by its real name: Radical Islamic Fundamentalism. That doesn't mean all moslems--just the crazy ones.

Watch these uncivilized, bug-eating, camel buggering bastards and don't let them pull any crap. Note: You can pretty much leave elderly women alone.

Stop giving weapons to middle eastern dictators.

Repeal such laws (as violations of the Second Amendment) necessary as to allow anyone who can legally own firearms to carry them according to the conscience of each individual.

Repeal such laws (for the same reason) necessary as to return the right to own firearms to any adult not in prison or in a mental institution.

Make the rules of citizens' arrest easily understandable and available to all.

Admonish real property owners to patrol their property and arrest trespassers--especially in border and coastal areas. Police and the courts must be required to prosecute trespassers rigorously.

Admonish police, park rangers, and other caretakers to patrol public lands and arrest trespassers (as opposed to legitimate users of the lands) and prosecute them rigorously--under pain of dismissal.

Public lands that cannot be adequately patrolled by their caretakers should be sold at auction.

As we Americans educate ourselves on taking care of our property, attacks by savage foreigners (or even domestic subhumans) should diminish to near nothing.

And last, but far from least: Let's put an immediate end to the evil, stupid and unConstitutional "War on Drugs." Most Americans, including myself, do not grant the federal government, nor any local group of corrupt, thuggish narcs, the right to decide what we shall or shall not ingest.


They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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