Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To Be Qualified To Vote

This isn't the first time I've debated with myself about voting. I've, for some years, wondered why I bother. Candidates, politicians, pundits and celebrities admonish us to be sure and vote. They talk to people completely devoid of interest and knowledge of the politics of the country, and ask them to vote anyway.

After the election of slightly over a year ago, the election for President--to occur in November of this year--the campaigns began the day after the polls closed, which will mean a full two-year campaign! Tell me this isn't stupid--then prove it!

Even today, the day before the Iowa Caucuses (whatever they are!), the news tells us simultaneously that most Iowans won't bother, and that that most of them haven't made up their minds yet. Several polls per hour announce this or that candidate is in the lead and the other is in second, and that if so-and-so doesn't win there, he might as well pack up and go home. Astonishing!

What happens in Iowa means practically nothing to anyone except Iowans. Fifty States will each decide which candidate should be nominated in each party, each in its particular way. Personally, I'd like to see a free-for-all bar brawl in one state, last man standing decides the nominee.

One thing I hear from many folks is a variation of: why vote for him, he can't win? Well, duh! Of course if nobody votes for a candidate, he can't win. That's why you vote. I certainly don't want to remind myself of my mental shortcomings by just voting for the candidate who the media say will win. Note to readers: If everyone who likes a candidate, but is told he can't win, would vote for him anyway....he just might win!

Robert A Heinlein proposed in one of his books that, in order to achieve full citizenship and the right to vote, one must serve a tour in the military or other public service. I don't agree with that, and perhaps the Dean of science fiction didn't either, because public service by its nature is not productive.

Some of the Founders thought that only real property owners should vote. I like that better. But what I like best of all is that, as required in the US Constitution, no one has the right to vote on issues involving the lives and rights of others. Not even Congress. Not even the President. The task of all three branches of government is to decide ways and means to best protect the lives and rights of all Americans. Their only task.

If this little rant seems to wander and weave its way down a very foggy path, it's because these thoughts have been stewing within me for a year now, and I've finally decided to void my political bladder and write "NO MORE!" in large letters in the snow in a bright canary yellow.

I know for whom I'm going to vote, and I've known it for most of a year. I don't care who wins in Iowa or New Hampshire; it won't make any difference to me. If my man doesn't win the nomination, I either won't vote in November, or I'll vote for the candidate of one of the little parties.

So there!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Anonymous said...

George Smith says if he was to vote, he'd vote for Ron Paul.

Video here:

Anonymous said...

The atheist endorses the christian. Wow.

MK said...

You're one of the few who have decided to vote already CH, some people can't even decide on the day of the election, it's unbelievable, i guess they must decide through seeing who's got the best placard at the voting station.

Out here we have to vote, which i think is unfair and ensures the moron vote can make or break a seat, in our last election some seats were won by 5-15 votes, that's how close it was. I think people should be given the choice to choose or not to choose.

Hannah J said...

Thank goodness I don't live in Iowa. In my state we have primaries (NOT CAUCUSES!) at a reasonable time, when more people can get out without blizzards and such. Glorious spring!

I do plan to vote because (contrary to some people) I keep informed... Unfortunately, my vote is currently a toss-up between Thompson, Hunter, and perhaps (though a somewhat distant third) Huckabee.

Col. Hogan said...


Having a law that required me to vote would be the surest way to guarantee my absence, even if I had to leave the country for a day or two.

My decision to vote is simply self defense. Just about everything on the ballot will work to my detriment, and that of the rest of the productive class.

On the other hand, voting gives them a sanction that I don't want to grant. I'm thus caught 'pon the horns of a dilemma.

Col. Hogan said...


As of today, I've been hearing that Fred may quit and give his support to McCain. McCain, another RINO, can't get my vote because of the McCain-Feingold Act, which is a blatant violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and should have caused him to be turned out of office and prosecuted for violating his Oath of Office.

I lived in Hunter's Congressional District early in his career, and give him perhaps a higher rating than the others, though I doubt he can stay in the race.

Paul is seemingly the only one who is aware of the US Constitution and has a record of voting consistent with its letter and spirit. I disagree with Paul on a couple of issues, but he's far closer to my way of thinking than any other, in either party.

We have a Primary Election here, too. My major problem with it is that anyone can vote, whether they take the time to inform themselves, or not.

Aurora said...

Fred is giving his support to McCain??? That is truly bad news. Apart from Giuliani who I loathe and who I view as not only a RINO but a Democrat in a Republican office, McCain would be my second worst option.
I'm pretty much with Hannah on the candidates she likes probably for the same reasons.
And actually I don't dislike Ron Paul as much as some out there do. As I said on another blog recently, no matter who our candidate is, I will drag my butt down to the Consulate to vote for him because Obama and Clinton are so dang dangerous. Anything's better than them.

Col. Hogan said...


Well, I didn't hear it from Thompson. I heard it from a Fox News pundit. He was speculating that Thompson might quit after New Hampshire.

I rather hope Thompson doesn't quit that soon and, figuring that Paul (my first choice) won't be the nominee, I'd like to see Thompson win.