Monday, March 31, 2008

....And Another One Bites the Dust....

It just hit the news yesterday that Aloha Airlines is going out of business--at least as far as its passenger operations are concerned. Aloha's announcement can be read here. Aloha blames unfair competition for its distress, according to the press release, but what is the real reason?

During the current President's Administration we've seen a very radical turn toward fascism on the part of the federal government in incompetently mistaken reaction to the attack which destroyed New York's World Trade Center. Rather than follow the evidence and track down the leaders of the group that masterminded this act, and other acts previous, the Administration has decided, after launching a multi-billion dollar war against the wrong country, to crack down on American Freedom by, among other things, creating vast new bureaucracies to snoop on, keep track of, control the travel of, and monitor the communication of American citizens.

All of this is absolutely unConstitutional, a fact missed by both leftist and conservative politicians and pundits throughout the US and the world. Obviously, they haven't read the document lately (if ever).

What has this to do with Aloha Airlines? Just this: Many freedom-loving individuals are seeing the hideous gauntlet through which one has to run to board a passenger plane, and rejecting it. For most, it's a minor inconvenience that is accepted because there is no choice if one has to fly. For some, like the young lady who was required to remove her body jewelery with pliers recently, and for many others who are similarly abused, it can become a nightmare.

For some, it even means prison, if they dare protest too much--that is, if they attempt to defend themselves against the minimum wage thugs that man the checkpoints at the airports.

Little wonder that many of us, for whom flying is an elective rather than a requirement, choose the private automobile.

My theory is, and there's no way to prove it precisely, that many individuals are eschewing trips to places to Hawaii and other faraway places for locations to which one might drive. My last several vacations have been to Nevada, Arizona and right here in the Stalag--areas rich with scenic and pleasant places to which to get away for a few days.

I do not wish to be subjected to gestapo-like treatment by TSA's thugs at the airport. No, I don't have nipple rings, nor any other attached jewelery, but I do have a very legal folding pocket knife I'm fond of feeling nestled in my hip pocket.

Perhaps the number of mainlanders that similarly decided to drive to the Grand Canyon or to Las Vegas rather than be treated like Jews at certain German rail heads, is large enough to cause a small ripple in the economy of the smaller airlines, the brunt of which fell first on the back of Aloha Airlines. Too bad. Accounts are that Aloha was a well-liked carrier by its regular users.

The decline and fall of the American Experiment is matched by the rise of the Fourth Reich.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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