Friday, March 07, 2008

The War on Irrational Fear

I think I once wrote a column on my ideas for combating the world's savages, one that doesn't involve Bush/McCain's Hundred Year War, or anything of the sort.

The United States is a nation of property (or was, if you want to get technical). In a quasi socialist manner of speaking, many of us own property: our homes, our businesses, some own lands and buildings of various kinds and for sundry reasons. Also, many of us own guns and various other kinds of weaponry for self defense, hunting, camping and other uses.

No foreign government has attacked any of the United States in recent decades, however several individuals have, in the name of some religious outlaw gang or another. Al queda is the alleged name the federal government likes to accuse most, but I don't by any means think they're the only one.

Al queda is, as near as I can tell, the brainchild of the spoiled brat kid of a rich Arab. He spouts islam as if it had something to do with the destructive ideas in his poisoned mind. Something of a similar nature is the genesis of groups like ham-ass and the various other hate-filled savage groups from that part of the world.

All that is only slightly relevant. It doesn't matter why these savages attack US properties and individuals, or who they are. I don't care. Just as I don't care why that poor college girl was murdered the other day. I care that some subhuman murdered a young woman, and her killer needs to be caught and punished. A better solution: the girl might have been armed, and able to successfully defend herself. But sadly, and stupidly, the prevailing airhead politicians have decided they'd rather see an innocent young women dead than to see her with a gun in her purse (or in her hand).

My solution to the Arabic savagery is the same as my solution to our local gang thuggery: if they trespass 'pon your property, arrest the bastards and prosecute them for trespass and for whatever else harmful they do, and if they won't be arrested, they can be planted.

Every individual should arm himself, learn to operate his weapons safely and effectively, and should learn how to conduct a citizen's arrest for those who'd rather face prosecution than die. Those who own property should be prepared to defend it from any of these suicidal/homicidal thugs. Those who can afford it might opt to hire security people, but in the end, every individual is responsible for his own life.

The many layers of government own much of the property within the borders of the various United States. They shouldn't, but they do. Fact of life, until we can change it. There is also a lot of corporate-owned property. This property should be (and is) the responsibility of its owners, and those they employ.

Park rangers must be responsible for the parks in which they work. They must be trained in firearms use and arrest technique and must be taught to protect the park and its visitors on pain of losing their jobs. Same goes for airline workers and those in airports, factories and stores. Heads should have rolled at the Boston airport and among the airline workers and government drones responsible for not arming the flight crews of the airliners involved in that disaster.

I like to use Disneyland as an example, because nobody gets away with much in that park--though it'd be better if visitors were able to carry weapons of self defense in the park. Park Security can't be everywhere, and it's only a matter of time until some deranged psychotic manages to sneak a gun into the park.

In short, it's been proven many times that areas in which individuals carry weapons are far more crime-free than are the so-called "gun free zones." Schools and malls are favorite places for psychotics to go to kill a few innocent people, and in a world in which government action rewards irrationality and punishes productivity, one has to be very carefully creative just to stay whole.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

"...every individual is responsible for his own life."

Something too many of us are unwilling to learn, even after having to deal with the consequences.

Col. Hogan said...


One of the things I can't figure out happens when someone gets beat within an inch of his life by a thug, or has a loved one murdered, and then says he forgives the thug.

Never forget.....never forgive....bide your time.