Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conspiracies and Lies

Every time there's a major catastrophy, and sometimes a minor one, we hear accusations of conspiracy. They're usually directed at the President, high-ranking members of a governmental agency, or at times, a powerful individual or group outside of government.

I've read viable theories claiming that the GWB administration 1) started the war in Iraq to continue his father's plans, 2) knew about the WTC and Pentagon attacks in advance and did nothing, 3) actually had the buildings packed with explosives to cause an implosion collapse, 4) is deliberately fighting the war not to win, but to make it last for years and, no doubt, more.

President Clinton (I still hate putting those two words together) is accused of having conducted his entire foreign policy to cover up his White House peccadilloes. The Clintons were thought by some to have been involved in the death of Vince Foster, and even that of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. There was also the mysteries of the FBI files, the firings of the White House Travel Office. There was Mrs Clinton's foolish health care plan and her mysterious "earnings" in commodities speculation, both of which remain mysteries to this day.

Without getting bogged down in what would be a never-ending list--the illegal and knowingly unConstitutional acts by government officials are being committed much faster than I could even type them, even If I could keep track of them all!

There is a solution to all this. In fact, it's a solution to much that's wrong with government. It was first suggested to me in L Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise, in an article entitled "The Boys Who Cried 'Terrorist.'" There ought to be a law, applicable only to government "—making it an offense punishable by public hanging for any government employee, at any level, to lie to any individual for any reason."

We often forget that government employees and elected and appointed officials are our servants--not the other way around. They work for us. There is never a valid reason to allow an employee to lie to his employer.

Remember, too, that these are not special people. Any one of us, within certain Constitutional limits, could become a Representative, a Senator, or yes, even President. Believe me, if a bumpkin like Jimmy Carter can become President, anyone can!

But the point is, there is no reason for government to keep secrets from Americans, nor to lie to them. The reason--the only reason--government employees lie to Americans is that they're doing something they ought not be doing: something unConstitutional or otherwise illegal.

I'd make it a capital offense.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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