Monday, September 04, 2006

Laurel or Hardy

I'm reading a Breitbart story I found on Drudge. The story claims that girls as young as the age of five are concerned about weight, and that they might become overweight. The story details many of the problems girls and women have that can be attributed to overweight. Many corresponding , but not quite similar problems invade the lives of boys and men because of overweight, as well.

MyWay also has a story on Drudge that calls American obesity a pandemic. first, let me say that I wrote what I think about "pandemics" here. It's become a news media buzzword designed specifically to increase the state of fear in American society.

The MyWay story seems to be written specifically to alarm the non-svelt. Like myself.

Well, I ain't buying it.

The chief reason why we're, many of us, packing on the poundage is very simple: Food these days is just so damn plentiful, inexpensive and, well, delicious. It's been only for the past couple of centuries or so that most of the industrialized world has had enough good food to eat. It's only been for about this past century that food has been good, plentiful and inexpensive.

I'm thinking it's the same people that are trying to turn Americans against technology, against science and against wealth in general, are trying to force and propagandize us away from the kinds of food we like to eat. People who hate life and for whatever reason, want to inflict their psychosis on the rest of us.

Meanwhile, those same miserable psychotics rail against those who have managed to keep their slender, sometimes athletic bodies by condemning dieting and corrective surgeries.

The real difficulty we all face is, in the face of an unprecedented plenty, learning to moderate and partake all these wonderful foods and drinks in reasonable quantities. Since there are a number of level-headed thinkers studying these and other problems that bother those of us who have difficulty living in a land of plenty, I'm sure the solutions will be there soon, if not already.

I regard our plight far easier to live with than that of our ancestors.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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