Saturday, September 30, 2006

You've Done a Lame Job....Take the Rest of the Year Off

Ain't it nice to have a job in which you can spend millions--nay billions of stolen money every year, go to money's-no-object dinner parties paid for by others, make decisions involving the lives and deaths of millions? Ain't it nice to go through life with the ability to control the lives of a nation of people and no responsibility for mistakes?

These are the politicians we duly elect and entrust with our safety and our well-being.

They're taking the rest of the year off. They're taking the rest of the year off for the sole purpose of conducting a campaign to get re-elected. How many contractors (private individuals who work for finite terms and have to negotiate to renew or extend their contracts--or make entirely new contracts--get the luxury of stopping work and working on the new contract with full pay and benefits paid by the old contract?

Let's require these drones to eschew campaigning on our time and either continue the work they're supposed to do right up to the end of their term, or (better yet!) suspend their pay and benefits from the end of the Congress term until the new term begins. This, of course, to include the pay and benefits of all staffers, who are also working on the re-election campaign.

Some will suggest that while the Congressdrones are campaigning, at least they're not enacting new legislation that will further limit our freedom and our lives. That sentiment, with which I fully agree, really says a lot about their perceived value, doesn't it?

Why not just allow that their re-election is dependent 'pon their deeds while in office? Another idea: One term, and never again.

Some say they need more than one term to gain the experience to be effective in Washington. I'd rather they never gain that kind of experience.

We forget, and they make a point of forgetting, that their job is to erect and maintain a government whose sole task is to protect the rights of Americans, within the limits set by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The federal government is so utterly overextended that Congress has no idea how to manage it anymore. No one knows where the money goes. No one knows how much money is coming in nor how much is being spent by whom. Each legislator has a number of pet projects that he attempts to fund (with money stolen from you and me) without consideration of prior projects that require ongoing maintainance.

No legislator is interested in limiting himself to his Constitutional role, even though every legislator swears an oath to protect and uphold the document. One wonders how many of them have actually read it.

I hate to seem pessimistic for the Republic, but it's hard to imagine how the wonderful idea that was America can ever be reconstructed.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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Ol' BC said...

That's so true. And they spend what they steal like it comes out aa fire hose. I saw an e-mail that's been forwarded around the world that spoke of a BILLION. A billion seconds ago it was 1959, etc. Well, the La. governor wants 250 billion bucks to rebuild New Orleans. "if you own one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans, you'd get $1,329,787." Nice rebuild, huh?