Saturday, January 26, 2008

Behold! A True Believer....

Again, my brother, the Texan, has provided welcome fodder for this virtual pamphleteer, in the form of a link to a column in his local newspaper, the Amarillo Globe-News. 'Twas in response to my most recent entry about the algorian religion. The columnist, whose name is Marie Fisher. Her byline refers to her as an accountant.

Ms Fisher bases her comments 'pon information gleaned from such august sources as The Weather Channel and the Discovery Channel. I don't think I'd bet the farm on, for example, the blathering of Dr Heidi Cullen, an agenda-driven climate reporter who is clearly a foot soldier for the algorians, and probably carries their membership card in her "No Animal Products Used To Manufacture This Product" handbag.

Now I didn't, at first regard Michael Crichton an unimpeachable source for information about climate change--even though I'd believe him well ahead of Dr Cullen--but he is a well published novelist with an extensive background in the sciences. But I do trust source material he provides with State of Fear--that because I find that his source material is a good fit with source material from other studies to which I've been referred.

That material also fits well with common sense--not to mention with the nature of the planet as it's been understood through history.

Finding a crisis in natural climate change (and there exists no other) is to ignore everything we know about the ability of this resilient planet to repair and remake itself. For example, where are the millions of gallons of petroleum products spilled by ships, planes and other war machines during World War II? Earth repairs itself. Had no one conducted a massive cleanup effort after the wreck of the Exxon Valdez, that oil would be pretty much gone by now by action of the flora and fauna.

Well, the algorians depend 'pon the Marie Fishers of the world to hear the loudest voices, know nothing of history before their own birth, and find crises and adopt causes offered by charismatic charlatans to fill voids in their own unfulfilled lives. Sorry. I ought not psychologize about individuals about whom I know little, but I've bumped into so many like Ms Fisher.....

Actually, I do occasionally watch the educational tv stations recommended by Ms Fisher but, they're tv stations. They're bought and paid for. They're superficial. All they're good for is to spark one's interest and to offer clues about where to begin.

So, Ms Fisher, the polar ice caps will be around for a long time. Should the world flip over on its other side, the ice caps will simply reform wherever the new poles find themselves. And there won't be a bloody thing we can do about it.

World without end, amen.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

This morning i heard about some asteroid that was doing to zing past us in a couple of hours. They said if it were to hit us, it would be kumbaya, hold hands and that's it. When you think about this planet, and the universe, we are like a grain of sand on the nearest beach. The way some of us carry one about fiddling with that little grain of sand, in a way us trying to fiddle with the climate is like beavering away on the one tread on the spare wheel of a car trying to get it to change direction.

Col. Hogan said...

I wouldn't be against weather control once we have the technology, but we don't yet. But, I think it'll be much longer before we'll be able to control the climate. I expect we'll have traded this planet in for a newer one by then.

Aurora said...

That's an eyecatching little pic you've put up there, Col...LOL
Good points about the natural behavior of the planet. The Russians are saying we're over the GW danger period and are predicting an ice age! Opinions vary and the planet marches on.

Col. Hogan said...


The pic is of a young woman in Fairbanks, Alaska, enjoying the global warming last month.

These predictions of unsurvivable disaster are merely scare tactics practiced by despots and wanna-be dictators attempting to frighten us into accepting their power-enhancing "solutions."

Aurora said...

wanna-be dictators attempting to frighten us into accepting their power-enhancing "solutions."

Their power-enhancing solutions are going to cost us a buttload of money. They're already causing a global shortage of grain with the stupid bio-fuel solution being pushed by Europe. We'll all be living in caves and foraging for nuts if they get their way...or should I say some of us. They'd like to reduce the earth's population down to a scant handful so Mother Gaia will be happy.

Col. Hogan said...


Just this past week, there was a study released that indicated that biofuel from corn (which already receives big government subsidies, thanks largely to GWB), actually causes more greenhouse gases than does petroleum.

I don't know if that'll shut the program down. Government programs, no matter how wasteful, tend to drag on far beyond their original limits, and cost far more than original estimates.

As usual, I'll try to remain optimistic, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.