Friday, January 04, 2008

The Reason To Vote For Ron Paul

Yesterday, because of the good fortune of my location at the end of the work day, I had the opportunity to visit Casa de las Rocas Grandes, the home of my good friend TWC (The Wine Commonsewer). Incidentally, for those interested in the pleasures of the grape, his blog is a great place for wine reviews, not to mention cleverly woven political commentary and tax advice. Mrs TWC's blog, which deals with education issues, can be found here.

Consistent with the high level of graciousness to which I've become accustomed in my all-too-rare visits, he and Mrs TWC are consummate hosts. Their two youngster, Jake and Katie, are engaging and bright. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and made every effort to continue my journey homeward before I wore out my welcome.

During the course of our chat, TWC suggested that I place the following video on this site, for your approval.

It's the most rational recommendation I've yet seen for voting for my chosen candidate, Dr Ron Paul, in the Primary election in your state. If you can't view the video, try finding it here.

Anyone can vote......but should they?

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

That's was funny, at least i hope animals aren't voting. I don't understand why he says folks shouldn't vote though.

Col. Hogan said...

The primary reason, as I understand it (and I'm beginning to understand it) is that by voting--since all of the leading candidates are essentially the same--one is giving sanction to the system. That is, underwriting their right to loot one's productivity and to set the rules under which one must exist.

I sympathize with the view, which is why I struggle with the temptation to vote in self defense.

The rest of the rationale is, of course, that among millions of voters, most of whom know little about the issues involved, what good is one's single vote?

MK said...

Thanks CH.