Monday, January 07, 2008

Some US Muslims No Less Savage

Aurora, over at The Midnight Sun, reminded me that I have to consider the notion that few, if any of the members of "the religion of peace" in the various United States are of the radical, crazed sort. While on one hand, there have been relatively few destructive incidents within our borders, we have to recall that in almost no case, have American Muslims emphatically condemned the actions and philosophy of the evil savages of ham-ass, al quaida or any of the other crazed islamic murderers around the globe.

While I'd never consider this attitude a racial one (Muslims are of various races), it's worth mention that birds of a feather do things together.

I was further reminded of the very recent murders of two teenaged girls by their islamic father. The story can be read at Debbie Schlussel's site. She's followed it up here. A further story can be found at the Free Republic site. Stories can also be found in local Dallas & Houston area newspapers. I first heard about it on Fox News. On cursory search, I find no stories in other national media sources--bringing me back to Aurora's entry, "Mainstream Media Colors the Facts."

It's demonstrably true that the msm soft-pedals, and even spikes stories involving Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics. White males are always fair game.

But, I digress. A taxi driver, whose name is Yaser Abdul Said, allegedly fatally shot his two daughters, Sarah and Amina, because they were dating infidels--that is, in sane people talk, high school classmates.

Note: Today, ABC News says " No word yet on a motive." They're right on top of it, as usual.

The solution to all this is that the law, and the media, must hold Muslims (and other groups) to exactly the same standards as anyone else. Rigorously. Although, I'll say that US law is better at that than, say, that of Great Britain.

I no longer hold any illusions about the innocence of many of the mosque denizens of the various American cities and States.

Trust, but verify.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

I was once told by someone, i'll trust you until you give me reason to distrust you. With this lot, it has to be the other way round, otherwise it'll be too late, the stakes are too high.

What i don't get is why do the apologists not see that, no other group raves on about jihad and infidels and kills their daughters for dating other men. Sure parents might not approve and all that, but they're not killing them.

It must be a mental issue.

Aurora said...

Col., thanks for the link. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and not give in to rampant racism. However, I do think that even amongst the moderate ones, there is a latent danger as the numbers grow that even the most reasonable could be dragged into the magnetic pull of the most radical of the community. You have a passionate leader issuing a call to arms and you have to decide where your loyalties lie; with the western, non-Muslims, or with your Muslim brothers and sisters. I don't like the odds.

Col. Hogan said...


I tend to trust people, too. Until they show unworthiness.

Y'know, I always wanted a daughter (I have two sons), and I think I missed out on something great. That might be why I get so damn mad when I hear about something like this.

Col. Hogan said...


What you've pointed out is part of the reason it's hard to accept this outrageous religion, or to take it seriously (as a religion). It seems more like the (I hope) fictionalized fanatic religion in Indiana Jones--the Temple of Doom: No real religion, only the worship of death.

steveintx said...

Ya know, I never expected this to happen in Texas. I don't know why. I just figgered it was a big city back east sort of thing.

Col. Hogan said...

Those nut-cases are everywhere. D'ja hear about those islamic taxi drivers in Minneapolis who didn't want to pick up fares who were carrying bottles of booze? Or the Target checkers who wouldn't check out foods with ham in 'em?

There aren't enough loonie bins for all of them.